The Best Pre-Packaged Anti-Inflammatory Snacks, According to a Dietitian


Take the intimidation factor out of following an anti-inflammatory diet — starting with snack time. While thoroughly reading over labels should always be involved, you can score inflammation-fighting health benefits from some pre-packaged eats, too.

“Being a pre-packaged food doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not a great choice,” Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD and founder of Nutrition Now Counseling, says.

“Snacks like pre-packaged flavored nuts provide the same anti-inflammatory benefits as a flavored nut snack you may make at home — just watch the ingredients, as things like sugar that can be added to snacks can tend to be pro-inflammatory, or inflammation-inducing.”

To help you more easily navigate the snack aisle, we asked Manaker for five pre-packaged, anti-inflammatory snack options that you can easily toss in your handbag or desk drawer.

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