When You Need Some Time For Yourself, Check Out These Self-Care Yoga Videos


Though you can argue that all yoga is self-care — you are, after all, tending to your body in ways you may not do during your busy day — I particularly like the types of flows specifically geared toward self-care. These, often, are slower in nature, incorporate massage and bits of meditation, and also might include affirmations from the instructors teaching them.

One of my favorites is this 10-minute self-care flow from Yoga With Adriene YouTuber and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler, which I’ve included ahead in the roundup of similar videos. It’s gentle, tends to the upper body and hips, and gives you time to actually rub out knots in your neck and feet: two places that hold tension. I’m ecstatic to bring you the following videos that I hope will, in turn, settle you into a sense of stillness and self-love. Scroll through, find one that suits you, and press play. It’ll be worth it.

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